Receives or Gives [ Menerima atau Memberi ]

 At the time I’m checking in plane ticket seen by me a hasty mother together a portel baggage is talking with supervisor officer to check in firm that is likely tells that her baggage was overload from maximum limit of 20kg per passenger. Enunciated, the mother of course buy for resell goods from Pasar ManggaDua, according to which I hears. Hears supervisor officer to check in tells that the baggage overload, the mother says to other passenger coincidence doesn’t bring baggage that is also will check in. “Are you going to Pekanbaru, Mas” the mother enquires. ” O yes, Mam”, think the passenger anticipating the Mother maybe confuse because at the screen CMU (common monitor unit) as appeared “Batam”.”Can I borrow your ticked for my baggage, please?” Seen by the passenger many layer of baggage still in trolley. What passed by quickly its sure overload “Its okey, Mam, never mind” dragging out of his ticket and his KTP (Resident’s ID Card) also for check-in by the mother. Continue reading